Newsletter November 2017

Namasté to all!

Nepal celebrated its yearly Dashain and Tihar festivals. These are the most important festivals in Nepal, bringing the families together. 

There will be Federal Elections for the Provincial and the Central Government Parliament on the 26th of November and the 7th of December. 

Our projects of QOLN are doing very well.

Day Care Centre and Click Click

The compound wall of our school is finally made. It is even stronger than before. Now there is an asfalt road up to the top of Sarangkot, so our school is easier to reach.

The kids in our Day care centre are very happy. They love to come to school because they can play and learn at the same time. 

On Children’s day the teachers organised nice food and they had a dance program.

The Click Click class now counts only three children.
Little Shiva is improving well. They try to integrate him with the other classes.
Most parents don’t want to put their child in the Click click class, as they don’t see the importance of the guidance they get there. They are afraid others will speak badly of their child. 

Health Post

Meanwhile there were more meetings for the setup of the maternity ward at the Health Post. 
Before work can be started, Ram needs to organise a meeting with the local government. They are responsible for all the projects in ward n° 18, which is Sarangkot.
First the community needs to request QOLN for the funds to build the ward. QOLN has made an agreement that the Health Post will request the government for a midwife and a doctor (who will be paid by the government). Only then will QOLN form a construction committee to build the maternity ward. This is to insure sustainability and a good way of working in the Health Post.

However, at the moment the elections are coming up, which will delay this process by a month. They hope to start the process around mid December.

Simtal School

The school is doing well. 
QOLN is busy with the paperwork via the district education office (government) to have more support to pay the teachers. 

Buffalo Project

The people in Sarangkot are very happy with the new buffalo project. The official program was on the 5th of August. Twenty-seven beneficiaries received a buffalo. 
Since 2004, 138 families in Sarangkot have profited from this micro-loan system.

Thank you Olivier Toulemonde and D.E.P.A.R.T.S. for your continuous support.


The building of the Gyanudaya Primary School of Birethanti has finally been completed. 
Now all 40 kids (from class 1 to 5) can go to their beautiful new school. Only the playground still has to be completed.

Shree Basanta School Kaskikot

Recently, the government changed the policy of the names of all schools in Nepal. From now on, classes 1 to 7 are called “BASIC SCHOOL” and classes 8 to 12 are called “HIGH SCHOOL”. So there is no “Primary School” anymore.

In this school the doors and windows have finally been completed, students will now be protected from the cold winters to come.
QOLN also donated some play materials for the Kindergarden.

Thank you

QOLN and QOLB would like to thank all schools in Belgium, and all the private donors who have given donations and their continuous support.

Also a big thank you to the volunteers.

Nepali get together in Belgium

QOLB wishes to invite you to come to meet us in Belgium. 
On the 10th of June 2018 we’ll organise a Nepali Get Together in hall CARPUS in Hever - Belgium. You are all heartily welcome (from 2pm) to come and taste the traditional food “Dal Bhat". We, along with our volunteers, will be there to explain and to show (through short-films) all about Nepal and our projects here in Sarangkot. 

Thank you from our hearts!

Greetings from the Himalayas
Sabine & Tara