Schools & Youth Clubs

Government schools

Government schools in Nepal get little support from the government itself.

There is no money to maintain school buildings, nor for decent equipment in the schools (desks or cupboards), not even for the emolument of teachers. The school gets 1 teacher for every 40 pupils!  No wonder educational levels are very low in Nepal.

As children from our day-care centre later attend government schools, Quality of Life Nepal has decided to support those schools too.  There are two government schools in Sarangkot that provide for children until grade 5 – they are the Sarawasti Primary School in Simtal and the Shree Mani Jyoti Primary School in Gothadi – and one secondary school in Pandeli (with a grade 12 class).

2002 – 2008

The primary school in Simtal has been given a donation from QOLN since 2002 with which they pay the fees of an extra teacher.

In 2006 QOLN provided school desks for classes 11 & 12 in the Secondary school in Pandeli.

The Shree Pravat Primary school in Sedi Bagar got a lot of help through sponsor Theo Hulshof in 2007 and 2008. QOLN provided them extra furniture for the classes and with the help of Holland & Swiss volunteers the school was painted, windows were made as well as a better floor in the office and annex classroom, a water tank with drinking water and a school compound with fence.

2009 – 2011

  1. Through financial support of the Belgian Schools (OLVI Middenschool Boom and BIM-SEM Mechelen), the Amar Jyoti Lower Secondary School in Bhanjyang could extend with a nursery class, a library and a big play hall (size of 2 classrooms) to protect the children for the cold in the winter and for the rain in the summer. It is also a place for educational events. Students from Overijse (Belgium) came to decorate the new building and made a swing for the smaller kids.
  2. QOLN searched for funds to help out the Shanta Higher Secondary School in BHAKUNDE, so they could provide benches and desks to classes 11 & 12. The German organization Alternaid is funding these materials.

Youth Clubs

Youth Clubs also need our support.  QOLN encourages those youth clubs to organize social activities and sponsor them with sports equipment and the organization of festivities.
In 2008 QOLN supported the youth club in Sarangkot with a catering service. They want to rent out pots and pans, chairs and tables for community fests, marriages and festivals. With the income they want to provide other useful activities for the youth.

The inaugurations of this material took place in February 2009. The Youth Club held a ceremony with speeches of gratitude and a quiz between schools.