Nepal Child Plan

Nepal Child Plan is a sponsoring program for the children of Sarangkot.
This program was started in 2002 with the participation of Quality of Life World.

The sponsoring formula helps children in their education and ensures the continuity of the day-care centre.

After they have stayed at the day-care centre, the children attend a government school. Most of them do not get the chance to finish their education because their parents are not convinced of the importance of schooling, or, because most of the time there is simply no money to afford school books or a school uniform or to pay the annual entry or exam fees.
In lower-caste families children are kept at home to help in the household or to take care of siblings or to help on the fields.

Children who are not sponsored often become street kids. No-one takes care of them and they often roam the streets begging tourists for money. Later on these children tend to become drug and alcohol addicts.

Quality of Life Nepal wants to help these teenagers to stay on the right path.

Nepal Child Plan now offers these children the chance to attend school. With a monthly gift of €25 you support not only a child, but you also contribute to the whole project.
A sponsored child gets all the necessities to attend school and free medical care in our medical post. Hospital care, too, is paid for by QOLN.

Just think of it: for only the price of one meal in Europe you create a second chance in life for a child in Nepal.

Meanwhile 99 children are sponsored through Nepal Child Plan. Our sponsors are from Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Chile, Croatia & Bosnia-Herzegovina! Hereby we would like to thank all our sponsor parents, for their financial support and priceless enthusiasm to support these children!