Music Band

Most of the men of Sarangkot used to be musicians, now they work the fields or they have become tailors.

Traditionally it was a 5-person band, called “Panche Baja”, but nowadays it is a 9-person band which is called “Naumati Baja”.

Sarangkot has not had a music band for years, for the simple reason they did not have instruments to play.  Only a few elderly people still know how to play the traditional instruments.

Hence the idea of Quality of Life Nepal was to encourage the villagers to re-start a music band, so their traditional culture will not be lost.  In this way the elderly will be able to pass on their knowledge of traditional music to the new generation.

In January 2003 the following instruments were given to our musicians:

  • 2 brass horns (Narshinga)
  • 2 brass flutes (Sanai)
  • 2 big drums (Damaha)
  • 2 small drums (Temko)
  • 2 cymbals (jhyali)
  • 1 double-sided drum (Dholak)

The music band plays during ceremonies, weddings and festivals.  It provides work for a number of men and an extra source of income to maintain their family.

In 2010, 2 new trumpets were bought, with the help of Rotary Club Hasselt Herckenrode (Belgium) who donated the money to do this.