Literacy for Mothers

“Watching letters get a meaning”

The ADULT LITERACY CLASS gives mothers the opportunity to learn to read and to write.

Parents will only be able to give their children a sound basic education, and, will indeed only understand them if they can read and write themselves.  In most cases it is the mother who is illiterate.

Quality of Life Nepal gives all mothers the chance to learn to read and to write, so that they will be able to read a simple text and cope with official paper-work.

The first course started in May 2002, after the planting of the rice crop.  The teacher was chosen by the villagers.  Ninety-seven women – aged between 16 and 58 – joined the literacy course.  Lessons were given in the evening, 6 days a week.  At the end of the 9-month course examinations were held and prizes for the best results were given.

More and more boroughs of Sarangkot have become interested and have asked us to start up courses in their area too.

Soon QOLN will restart this course as well as other courses to help develop the skills of women.