Health Post

In 2011 QOLN decided to help the old health post at Sundar Pokhari in Sarangkot. The committee requested a new building with 3 rooms: one room for examining the patients, one for dressings and small operations and one room where all the medical equipment can be stored. They started with the foundation of the new building on January 16th 2011.

QOLB could find funds through sponsors BEN CAERTS and the AZ TURNHOUT in Belgium. Since 2011, it’s been Ben Caerts and his private sponsors’ goal to support the Health Post in all its needs.

On the 9th of November 2011, QOLN inaugurated the building together with all Belgian sponsors. From 2012 onwards, the Health Post has been working well. The doctor treats around 30 people daily. They also organize health-care programs in the village. In 2013 QOLN gave the order to finish the compound wall around the building. The funds came from Ben Caerts as well as Yves Meremans & René Nijs. The work was delayed because of heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, but in the end they succeeded.

In 2014 there was a plan to renovate the toilets. The committee decided it would be better and more sustainable if they could make a new building instead. They wish to install a shower, along with a toilet for women, and one for the men.

Villagers from far and wide travel to our health post for medical assistance, which shows how much this project has aided the people of Sarangkot.