Day Care Centre

“Every child here is given the chance to be a CHILD”

Since 2001 Quality of Life Nepal has been supporting the organization and running of a day-care centre. This centre has 3 kindergarten classes, which provide care for a total of 55 children. There is a medical post where the children as well as their parents can get first aid treatment. All the children of Sarangkot aged 2.5 and 5 have access to the day-care centre.

The new school building with 3 extra classes on the first floor, celebrated its opening on April 14, 2010. A bit later that year, the medical post and toilets were renewed and the compound wall and gate were finished.

The teachers and children are very happy with their new school.

Purpose of the project

The children enjoy daily care and can use the medical facilities. They take part in interactive creative and pre-school learning. They get the chance to live and develop their culture in their songs, dances and music and by playing Nepalese games.
It is our firm conviction that our educative and social awareness program, which is focused on mothers, will lead to a decrease in child mortality.

The need for a day-care centre

In a small community such as Sarangkot, mothers work in the fields from morning till evening. So, most of the children are cared for by their grandparents or even elder brothers or sisters. In some cases the children simply stay at home and are left to their own devices!

The day-care centre can provide care for more than 60 to 80 children and their parents.

It is our intention to persuade mothers to bring their children to the centre. Infants of 2.5 to 5 years old are taken care of by trained teachers, six days a week, from 10a.m. to 3 p.m. With the support of foreign volunteers these teachers have now become very competent kindergarten teachers.

Our centre especially stimulates girls to attend school. When they are given the opportunity to start school at an early age they will also be able to finish their education. In many cases, indeed, Nepalese girls are taken out of school by their parents in order to help in the household and take care of the younger children.