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For some years Sabine had a wish to help disabled children in Sarangkot. We already had a few physically & mentally disabled children in our day care center. These kids could stay longer in our day care, but after they’ve reached the age of 8, they became more disturbing for the other toddlers. The teachers didn’t have enough time for them, because these children need specific attention.

In April 2008 Ria Hillebrand from Holland, visited us. She is a physiotherapist and worked as a volunteer in KTM to help handicapped children.

She promised to help QOLN with the preparations of our new program “CLICK CLICK” from May 2009.

The name “CLICK CLICK” requires some explanation. When the founders of Global Child Welfare (now called Quality of Life Belgium or QOLB), Marc and Diane, visited our day care center in February 2008, they connected with BISWAS. Biswas is one of our disabled children at our day-care centre and he wanted them to take photos of him and he always said with enthusiasm “CLICK CLICK”!

Marc and Diane are personally funding this new project, so that is why Sabine found this a suitable name.
By the way, the meaning of Biswas in Nepali is “TRUST”!

This special class is running from April 2010 and is a big success! Meanwhile QOLN could welcome some professional volunteers, who did a tremendous job on guiding & training care-giver Yam and teaching the disabled children (7 kids) a customized training. QOLN choose Yam as care-giver because his home is in Sarangkot and he knows all the families. His son is also mentally disabled, because of lack of oxygen during birth.

QOLN specially expresses its gratitude towards Paul Viane from Belgium, who himself is guiding disabled kids in the last 40 years! Paul came to visit us in 2005, together with his sister-in-law Jo Logghe (Begian Consul) and informed us about his knowledge and skills. Now he is on pension and is eager to share his enthousiasm and help to give this special class a better structure and program.

Of course QOLN will need funds to support this special program. For salary and extra materials, we’ll need 1.700 euro per year. A big thank you for all sponsors who believe in this project and help us to make a difference!

Also BLUE PLANET LODGE is contributing in this “click-click program”. From the profit from last season, we bought new seesaws to play on.
QOLN is also looking for volunteers who have experiences in working with disabled children. With their help the care-giver Yam will get more information and training and the children will get more attention.