All the projects of Quality of Life Nepal are realised in Sarangkot, a community on the hills surrounding Pokhara and the native village of Ram Chandra Sharma.

In this community 90 % of the population is socially and economically deprived.  Most of the families belong to the lower castes (Damai, Sharki and Kami).

As most of the parents do not own their own piece of land they go working on the fields of the higher castes, often a long distance from their homes. In the past the Damai used to play music after work, or they made clothes, but traditions have been lost.  Sharkis are cobblers or tanners.  Only a few still practise that skill.  Kamis are blacksmiths, but they too see little progress in their lives.

There is a lot of poverty and illiteracy. Most of the families live with 5 to 9 family members in small cottages of 2 square metres.  Most of the children are deprived of food, hygiene, sanitary equipment and medical treatment.  A lot of children have to stay with their grandparents or with elder brothers and sisters while their parents go out working.  Girls never get the same opportunities as boys and are kept at home to help in the household.