Newsletter for April 2018

Namasté to all!

During this time of the year Nepal is escaping the cold clutches of winter. The land welcomes you with the beautifully blossoming “Rhododendron”. Over 30 species of this flowering shrub can be found in the Himalaya. Starting at elevations of around 1400m, the flowers bloom in vibrant reds. However, as you go higher the colour gradually lightens to shades of pink. At around 3600m altitude the rhododendron blossoms become pure white. For Nepalis, the most beloved species is the rhododendron tree with red flowers, which is called “Lali Gurans”. It is the national flower of Nepal.

Finally the elections in Nepal are over. The UML & Maoist Coalition have the majority, and they say that they will merge into one party, which will be called the “Nepal Communist Party”. The proposed party will be the governing body for the next 5 years, so there will not be any other elections in this period.

This will hopefully bring some stability to Nepal for the time being.

Our projects of QOLN are doing very well.

Day Care Centre and Click Click

In March our Nursery class teacher Chitra was invited to go to Belgium for 2 weeks of training in daycare centers in Ieper. QOLN is very grateful to Paul Viaene and his organisation Actie Scholen Nepal, for organising this opportunity. (

Before the end of the school year, we had 2 beautiful team days together with our teachers and Belgian volunteers in the Eco village in Astam. On Saturday we played games to connect with each other in different ways. Then on Sunday, after a beautiful sunrise and walk through the village, we did some exercises around the theme of  “communication”.

Back in Sarangkot, the Belgian volunteers Greta, Guido, Hilde, Kris, Carine, Bea and Anita did some creative workshops with the toddlers. After all the  activities, the teachers helped the volunteers wear traditional clothes (sari’s for the women, dakha topi’s for the men). It was a joyful moment for everyone!

We were very fortunate to have Paul Viaene and his Belgian teachers Ann, Hilde and Guido from vzw Actie Scholen Nepal. They came to Nepal from 2-5 April to train our teachers. They brought a new computer with them for our school. Now our teachers can work with specific programs to develop a better system of “learning through playing”.

The training ended with the celebration of Parents Day on the 5th of April.

For the occasion there were dancing and singing shows by the children, along with meaningful speeches from the board members of QOLN.

At the end, prizes were distributed to the kids for best behaviour, highest attendance score, nicest attitude and of course the highest marks in class.
We said goodbye to 16 students from our UKG. We wish these children good luck in their future school.

The Click Click class now counts only three children.

However, little Shiva is improving well. They sometimes try to integrate him with the other classes.
Most parents sadly don’t want to put their child in the Click Click class, as they don’t see the importance of the guidance they get there. They are afraid others will speak badly of their child.

For the new school year the teachers have worked hard to create a schedule, where there will be more variety in the learning and playing moments. All of this, along with the methods from Belgium, lets the children progress further with their learning.

Health Post - Maternity

As an NGO in Nepal, at times it can be really difficult to work in an honest way.

This is mostly due to the fact that over the last few years, the rules and regulations regarding non-profit work have changed every 6 months!

This makes it very challenging to handle long-term projects such as the maternity building that QOLN wishes to build.

QOLN’s main sponsor Ben Caerts will come to Pokhara in May to discuss further plans with Ram.

Meanwhile the Municipality is looking for an agreement with the government to build the Maternity building. It will all take even more time, because technical people from the government need to decide on the blueprints and give their approval before anything else can be done.

Many thanks to Ben Caerts and his organisation JAAM JAAM for all their efforts to sponsor this extension of the Medical Post. We would also like to thank them for their support in paying the salary of the dentist Deependra, who comes to the Medical Post every monday.

We were lucky to have had a visit from dentist Kris Bartholomevis from Belgium. He brought some extra materials with him and helped with the purchase of a micro-motor, which is much needed to fix caries more efficiently. As a present, all the children in the Day Care Center got a new toothbrush and toothpaste.

Simal School

QOLN organised a meeting in the school of Simtal on the 11th of April. The main point of discussion was if it is neccesary or not to keep the school open.

Currently everything is in the hands of the Federal Provincial Government. The Department of Education is going to the Metropolitan City of Pokhara, who will decide if it is needed to have a school there or not. The Committee is still waiting for the decision.

Right now the stationary and the uniforms will be provided to around 25 children, for 2 classes. We’ll need 750 euro for this.

QOLN is busy with the paperwork via the District Education Office, so that the  Government can pay the teachers.

Buffalo Project

The buffalo project that was initiated in August 2017 is running well. All beneficiaries are happy with their buffalo and are paying back portions of their loan on a regular base.

Thank you Olivier Toulemonde and D.E.P.A.R.T.S. for your continuous support.


The building of the Gyanudaya Primary School of Birethanti has finally been completed. The director promised to have an inauguration soon.

The kids are happy to start the new school year in their new building!

School Kaskikot

QOLN received a “Token of Gratitude” for donating the doors, windows and teaching materials to the pre-school last year.

Thank you

QOLN and QOLB would like to thank all the schools in Belgium, along with all the private donors who have given donations and their continuous support.

Also a big thank you to the volunteers who come here and help out with their knowledge and positive energy!

Thank you to Wineke Snel and her family for supporting the fruit-project in our Day Care Center!

We are so proud of Peter Haesendonck and Ingrid Stouffs, with film company TABRA, for getting the first prize at the Leuven Amateur Filmfestival!

For the short-film “Saurav and the Click Click Class” they have won the

the first prize of the jury along with the first prize of the public!

Nepal Day in Belgium

QOLB wishes to invite you to come and meet us in Belgium!

On the 23rd of June 2018 we will organise a Nepali Get Together in the Oude Pastorie, Ravensteinstraat number 22 in Hever from 2-8pm. Everyone is welcome to come by for some drinks and snacks and of course to enjoy the colourful Nepali atmosphere through videos and photos.

Thank you from our hearts!

Greetings from the Himalayas

Sabine & Tara