Newsletter May 2017

Namasté to all!

This year’s New Year (2074) didn’t start out like many had hoped, due to the heavy rain and storms. However, there is a Nepali saying that rain brings good luck.

Once again there is a development in the political situation of Nepal. On the 14th of May there will be elections to choose the local government.
Since last year, Sarangkot has become part of the Pokhara metropolitan city, which is now the biggest in Nepal.

For 19 years there were no elections for this local government, so everybody is very excited!

We would like to share some news about our projects of QOLN:

Day Care Centre & Click Click

This year we have 60 toddlers in our Day Care Centre. 

On the 2nd of April the teachers organised their annual Parents day. After beautiful dances and the distribution of prizes, we said goodbye to 20 children from the UKG who will go now to another school in Sarangkot.

We are very grateful to our French volunteer Christine, who does art classes twice a week.

A new helper, Sangeeta, joined our team in February.

In our Click Click class Yam is now guiding six children.

Meanwhile a big problem has occurred. The government decided to expand the road so they could pave it and include a drainage system on the side. While doing this, a big rock, which supported our compound wall was removed. This caused a large section of our wall to collapse. 

QOLB supports the reconstruction of the compound wall.

Health Post

The Sarangkot community has asked for QOLN’s help in starting up a maternity ward at our Health Post.

Ram is organising meetings with the Regional Health office to ask for funds and  to help provide for a midwife nurse, who can attend the post 24/7.

There is still a lot to organise.

QOLN is grateful to Ben Caerts and his brick2brick for their help in funding this project.

Simtal School

QOLN is doing its very best to re-open the Governmental school in Simtal, which was closed for one year due to lack of students. 

Careless teachers and their low quality of educating made students stay away.

QOLN decided to re-establish this school for the benefit of the children that live close by. We are very happy that there is the possibility of using the school facilities once again.

At the moment there are 13 children registered for class 1.

QOLN invited 2 teachers from Pokhara to help select the new teachers for this school.

Buffalo Project

A new buffalo project is going to be organised in May 2017 and once again 27 beneficiaries will be chosen.

From now onwards the board members of QOLN are going to select the beneficiaries through the given applications.

Thank you Olivier Toulemonde and D.E.P.A.R.T.S. for your continuous support.


As you all know, the former Gyanudaya Primary School of Birethanti was destroyed by a terrible landslide in 2015. QOLN had decided to support the construction of a new primary school, which is now almost completed.

45 students are enrolled this new school year and the team of six teachers do a wonderful job. For this year there are two new focusses : the school will now be entirely oriented in English and it will make use of the Montessori methodology. There are also two new small kindergarten classes.

Many things still need to be done such as creating a safe and attractive playground for the children. For this purpose they will need more financial support.

It is a pleasure to see how the Nepalese people build and rebuild their lives with so much enthusiasm. 

Shree Basanta School Kaskikot

QOLN is helping to complete this school by providing for the windows and doors of the upper floor. A Japanese project funded the building of the school but there wasn’t enough money to finish the work.

Now they have 63 children again along with 8 teachers who are running a day care center and classes 1 to 5.
They have 75% Dalit or low cast children, the other 25% are from different casts. 

The school committee asked for 5.000 euro to support them in buying  9 windows, 3 doors and some play material for the day care center. 

Thank you

QOLN and QOLB would like to thank the teachers and students of the following schools in Belgium: the Virga Jesse School in Hasselt, the OLVI in Boom and the Berthoutinstituut Klein Seminarie in Mechelen.

This for their fundraising efforts which support many of the projects mentioned above. Thank you for your enthusiasm and hard work!

Also a big thank you to Peter & Ingrid, who came to volunteer more then a month, to make new films and photos of our projects and children in Sarangkot.

Supporting Students

QOLN supports many students in their school process, who come from difficult family situations,. After the earthquake in 2015 prices went up, along with school fees and the prices of books and uniforms.

Our goal is to support children till they finish class 12. But because of the yearly fee raise, some sponsor parents have difficulties with paying everything. If you are interested in supporting a student for a small part of his studies (around 250 € per year), please contact us.