Last update for 2016!

Namasté to all!

After the celebration of the second biggest festival of the year, TIHAR, life takes its normal course again.

Every year Nepali people celebrate for 5 days in honour of the crow, the dog, the ox, the Goddess Laxmi (for prosperity and abundance) and a special day where the sisters give a tikka to their brothers.

At the moment politics have been quite stable in Nepal as from August onwards, the Maoïst leader Prachanda became prime minister and initiated a coalition between Nepali Congres and Maoïsts. 

In this moment, more women are being represented in the Nepali government. This is unique in the history of Nepal! In the past one year, a female President has been appointed: Bidhya Devi Bhandari. Other women in positions of authority are: the Chief-Justice Sushila Karki and the speaker of the parliament Onsari Gharti Magar. This representation should support the strength of women in the community. 

After the earthquake of 2015, tourism dropped by 85% and now it has recovered partially, up to 60% of the normal year. this means that tourism is slowly picking up again, but hotel accommodation availability still exceeds demand.

Nepali people suffered a lot in the last one and a half years, and had limited opportunities for income. Now, during the short tourist season (October - December) should be the time for them to earn money again.

We pray for more tourists to come to visit this beautiful country with its amazing Himalayas, wide plains, jungles and its distinctive flora and fauna. Of course, the real experience of Nepal should be experienced over a cup of chiya (milk tea) with some friendly Nepali people.

I feel so blessed spending the last two months here which emphasises a longer commitment to this country. It has given me the time to connect with nature again and to remain connected to our beautiful projects of QOLN.

Day Care Centre & Click Click

QOLB is still searching for sponsors to support a child in our NEPAL CHILD PLAN. In the last years, unfortunately we’ve had some sponsors waver with their yearly contributions. This creates a difficult situation, as we don’t want to leave a child isolated and out of school. 

When giving a monthly contribution of 25 € Belgian and Dutch sponsors will receive a tax reduction certificate. Much needed and appreciated contributions from other countries can be receipted as proof of your contribution. Please contact Sabine at [email protected] 

Health Post

We have a new proposal from the Health Post. 

QOLN is creating a proposal for the Maternity Ward. The death rate of mothers and children is still high. Due to transport problems they can’t reach the hospital in time. The plan is to demolish the old building (where there is a storage room and the dental room now) and invest in a new one. 

This will mean that patients do not need to go to the hospital, since a nurse will be employed to help during emergency situations.

They are asking for 4 rooms: a dental room, a delivery room, a training hall and a nurse room. There is a new policy in Nepal that every Health Post should have a delivery room with 24 hours service.
This project costs a lot of money: around 30.000 € is needed!

QOLN is grateful to Ben Caerts and his brick2brick organisation which will do it’s best to fundraise for this project. 

Dental Project

The dentist technician Deependra is still coming every Monday to the Health Post. There are people coming from all the 9 wards of Sarangkot, for treatments such as extractions.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of appropriate dental instruments given that those donated over the previous years, have outlasted their usage. Also, an important addition is neccesary for preventative measures. We require a “filling machine” to repair cavities and so that extraction is not needed. 

QOLN is grateful to Ben Caerts and his team for paying the salary of the dentist.

Water Project

Around this time of the year, there is water in all the watertanks. A new rule was fixed in Nepal: the Nepal Drinking Water Supply Corporation is putting a water meter in every household in Sarangkot. The ward committee will be able to control how much water is used per household and take a fee from each household. This money will support the water project established by QOLN, which is managed by the water committee.

QOLN is very grateful to ROTARY KOREA for giving trust and financial support for our Water Project. QOLN works together with the Rotary Club to establish water taps in every household. 

In Rotepani Lamagaun, the lower section of Sarangkot, water is still required. QOLN is planning to drill for water there to supply for about 375 households.

QOLN is making contacts with Rotary Club Mechelen to support this.

Buffalo Project

A new buffalo project will be organised after New Year 2017.

All initial loans have been recovered therefore we can plan a new loan facility.

Unfortunately, the price for a good quality milking buffalo has increased, to between 700 and 800 euros per buffalo! However, QOLN wishes the beneficiaries to invest in a good milking buffalo so that the people can get enough income by selling the milk.

QOLN wants to thank Olivier Toulemonde (D.E.P.A.R.T.S.) for his continuous support in this upcoming, 7th Buffalo Project.


The new building for the Gyanudaya Primary School in Birethanti is almost finished. The remaining construction tasks for the school committee are the 2 upper rooms and the last part of the roof. The work has been delayed due to the festival season and the contractor’s availability. He promised to finish the building within 2 months.

Thank you to sponsors Theo Hulshof (THEOLE), Katrien Masschelein (SFL) and Catherine Maes (SUKHI HOME).

Pame Primary School

We all know that the government has limited resources for education services. Therefore to support the primary school in Pame, QOLN has requested for finances to buy school materials such as white boards, stationary, play material, two computers, benches and an office cabinet. This will be handed over in January 2017.

A big thank you to the BHIM-SEM school in Mechelen Belgium for supporting this project.

Shree Basanta Primary School Kaskikot

QOLN wishes to support a school in the neighbouring village of Kaskikot. This primary school with 6 classes (pre-school + 5 classes) was previously marked for closure due to lack of support. The principal Manahari Adhikari, has been very effective in his efforts of making new rules and a structure to raise the quality of the school and teachers. He has established an English Medium level, which is a type of boarding school. The school has 75% students from low cast families and the rest is from mixed casts.

The school was made in 2011 by Japanese donors, but they couldn’t complete it because of lack of money. So now there is a second floor with a meeting hall, a science lab and a computer lab without any windows or doors! You can imagine how much dust comes in and how cold it gets!

The Shree Basanta Primary School asked for 3.000 € for school materials to improve their pre-school (outside material and play material) and 3.000 € to make 9 windows and 3 doors.

Pokhara Aged Shelter

In Nepal the social system asks the sons of the family to take care of their parents when they get old. But what to do if you don’t have any family anymore …

I had the privilege of visiting a HOME for elder people who don’t have a family anymore or were left behind. The Pokhara Aged Shelter was founded in 1998 by Rikeshi Keshab Parajuli. There are 67 inhabitants in total (35 women and 32 men) with ages from 60 to 99! Four people are completely paralysed and therefore immobile.

Most of them arrived there through the hospital or police, and some came from the villages. Only 3 of them have still families. 

The shelter works only with public donations and a part of the staff (eight helpers who who make the food, help with the washing and toilet of the people, cleaning the place, etc.) is paid by the Government.

The people gather in the outside living space, to sit in the sun together, to sing or listen to music, and sometimes to quarrel with one another. It is a very peaceful place.
The residents could use some interaction (though some are no longer able to communicate due to mental disabilities).

My heart jumps with joy at the thought of helping this community.


QOLN is very grateful for the fundraising this year done by different schools in Belgium such as OLVI 1th grade in Boom, BIMSEM (Berthoutinstituut Klein Seminarie) in Mechelen and VIRGA JESSE COLLEGE in Hasselt, as well as several private donors.

The funds will be distributed amongst several projects.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Sabine & QOLB team