Newsletter May 2016

Namasté to all!

I feel blessed that I could visit our beautiful Nepal again. Since the petrol and gas blockade was lifted in March, the country has gradually returned to its normal way of living.

Sadly there is not much tourism yet. I would like to mention that travelling in Nepal is perfectly safe. The people are waiting to rebuild their country and they need tourism to do that!

I arrived in Pokhara during the Nepali New Year 2073 (13 April). I was very happy to be home. The next day I joined the teachers in Sarangkot to distribute the schoolbags and uniforms for the sponsor kids. Some of the children hadn’t changed, others are now real teenagers!

A little update on all the projects of QOLN.

Day Care Centre & Click Click

Our Day Care Centre (DCC) is still evolving! Beginning of April we had a beautiful parent’s day with dancing and music, prizes and games. From the Upper KinderGarten 13 children graduated to class 1 which is in another governmental school in Sarangkot.

Meanwhile we welcomed the new toddlers! In total we now have 75 children in our DCC! In the last few years, the number of children attending our pre-school has increased again! The new kids are very small and of course they need to adjust to the class. They are not used to being without their mothers, so there is a lot of crying. Luckily our nursery teacher Chitra is doing an amazing job in comforting them and helping them feel at home.

People of Sarangkot are very happy and grateful with our school. The school is the pride of the village!

This year (2016), we could welcome some volunteers, who helped out in the school and the Click Click class. Thank you Marlies, Winneke and Gaia for your enthusiasm and support!

We were very lucky to have a special teacher training from Paul Viaene and his Belgian group! They brought many useful materials for the Click Click class and taught new games and methods to the teachers. Paul also made a special “rack” for little Shiva!

At the end of their workshop, the Belgian group enjoyed a traditional dance with traditional sari’s!

QOLN also built a ping-pong table with the funds given by Ben Caerts & Monique Van Meerbeek. This is to encourage the older kids’ hand-eye coordination. It can also be used as a table which makes it very useful.

The new school year started on 24 April. All Nepal Child Plan children received a new schoolbag with books, notebooks and writing material as well as a new uniform.

On 22 April, we held a team building day. I invited the teachers to join me for some yoga, meditation, dance and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)! Afterwards we socialised with some snacks and lassi! Quality of Life is very grateful for these teachers’ daily support and enthusiasm towards the children!

Medical Post

The construction of the toilets and bathroom at the Medical Post is finally done and this side-project was inaugurated with head sponsor Ben Caerts.

QOLN asked the village committee to contribute in levelling the ground in the compound. They will do this soon.

Water Project

The water project was Inaugurated on 7 May in Gothadi together with the Rotary Club of Korea, Yangu nr. 3290, district 3690 as well as the International Rotary.

QOLN is also grateful to Katrien Masschelein and Seal For Life (SFL) for supporting this project.

QOLN built 2 big water tanks of 34.000 litres in total. They pump up water from 153 meters below. This tank will provide water for 475 households and more than 2200 people will benefit from this project!

Buffalo Project

A new buffalo project will be organised soon. Since the summer of 2015, the village Sarangkot became part of the city Pokhara. It is not an independent VDC (Village Development Committee) anymore. Because of this, all the paperwork has to be submitted to the city’s administration department which is why it takes much longer.

QOLN wants to thank Olivier Toulemonde (D.E.P.A.R.T.S.) for his continuous support. The upcoming 7th buffalo project will once again benefit 27 households in Sarangkot.

Community House Sedi Bagar

In 2013 the AMA SAMOA (mother group) of Sedi Bagar, asked us for funds to complete their community house. Finally, after 3 years, the building could be completed! The mother group is very grateful to QOLN and QOLB. Now they can operate the house and help in guiding the women of the village.

Our gratitude goes also to Aya Chiba, who is the liaison between the women of Sedi Bagar and QOLN.


Work started on the new school building of the Gyanudaya Primary School Haijung in Birethanti. The village committee started digging the foundation and breaking up the stones in March 2016.

QOLN will sponsor 4 classrooms with cemented roofs, and the government will sponsor 3-4 classrooms with metal roofs.

Together with sponsors Theo Hulshof (THEOLE) & Katrien Masschelein (SFL) we visited the site and met the teachers, along with some children.

They hope to finish the building by September 2016! 

We hope sponsor Catherine Maes (SUKHI HOME) will attend the opening.

QOLN is grateful to all the donors who helped make this new school project possible.

Sponsoring Shristhi

Shristhi is a little girl, age 9. Her father left her mother when she was very young, so her mother had to take care of her alone. In Nepal this is a very difficult situation, because normally the wife is dependant of the husband. Luckily we found a sponsor for Shristhi to support her in her studies. She is now in class 4 and is an excellent student. She always receives distinction!

Sadly her sponsor gave up on her, so we are searching for a new sponsor. Please contact me at [email protected] for further information.

Remembering the earthquake

One year ago, on the 25th of April 2015, Nepal experienced a big disaster due to the earthquake. On the same date this year, all Nepali people remembered what happened. At the peace pagoda in Pokhara people of all different religions prayed together for all the people who suffered.

Unfortunately the Nepali government hasn’t done much to rebuild their country and support the people yet.

Thank you for your continuous support!

Sabine & QOLB team