3 May 2017

Namasté to all!

This year’s New Year (2074) didn’t start out like many had hoped, due to the heavy rain and storms. However, there is a Nepali saying that rain brings good luck.

Once again there is a development in the political situation of Nepal. On the 14th of May there will be elections to choose the local government.
Since last year, Sarangkot has become part of the Pokhara metropolitan city, which is now the biggest in Nepal.

For 19 years there were no elections for this local government, so everybody is very excited!

22 December 2016

Namasté to all!

After the celebration of the second biggest festival of the year, TIHAR, life takes its normal course again.

Every year Nepali people celebrate for 5 days in honour of the crow, the dog, the ox, the Goddess Laxmi (for prosperity and abundance) and a special day where the sisters give a tikka to their brothers.

At the moment politics have been quite stable in Nepal as from August onwards, the Maoïst leader Prachanda became prime minister and initiated a coalition between Nepali Congres and Maoïsts. 

19 May 2016
I feel blessed that I could visit our beautiful Nepal again. Since the petrol and gas blockade was lifted in March, the country has gradually returned to its normal way of living...
17 May 2016
The Indian blockade against Nepal means that relations between the two countries are still very cold. The blockade was a result of India trying to influence Nepalese politics in an effort to have a greater hold on the decisions made by Nepal. The gas and LPG situation in Nepal is still not great and there are still shortages...