Blue Planet Lodge

The Blue Planet Lodge functions as the working base of the NGO Quality of Life, Nepal. Many development projects have their start here. Amongst them is the school project ‘Nepal Child Plan’, in which many western people are invited to sponsor the education of a child on the hill sides of Sarangkot, towards the high mountains, close to the Blue Planet Lodge.



The NCI initiative Kaarster Nepal was established in 2001 by Peter Laumen and Rainer Strauss asa social contribution in one of the poorest countries to make this world.



Founded in 2003 on the initiative of association leaders and local stakeholders in the PACA region , the association offers travel off the beaten path , respecting a charter of responsible tourism , in a spirit of solidarity and exchange with the locals. It also organizes “Nights of the World” in France , and discovers opportunities to raise awareness of world cultures . Profits are donated to actions on the ground.